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Published on November 14, 2012, by in General.

The Clos Paddhire residence is very luxurious place dedicated for someone who search residence that is convenience and comfortable. As Luxury studio, The Clos Sapphire is consisting of a functional and spacious bathroom. Even taking a bath can be deluxe experience. You would enjoy the kitchen that is established as open kitchen concept. It is connected directly to the living room so that you can enjoy cooking more freely. It is very suitable to enjoy and feel the air conditioner inside your place. Choose which apartment that you prefer. All you need for your apartemen is available on Many apartments with various design and style is ready for you. Feel the deluxe and enjoy your time.

Or maybe you have a plan to replace or customize your tiles? We have standing by consultants that are always ready to help you to give your desires. In the bathroom, you can enjoy the heated towel rail and cupboard that would give your another life to the machine of yours. In 2014, new living way would be established on Clos Sappire. We offer you to get this offering. Need more information? Just click it

Now you can have your dream house. Choose what mansion you like. There would be more great offers. There would be Green Park in you location. So many things are availabe to comfort your daily life. Visit right now.

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